The Clay Eco Camp helps students become global citizens with a unique program focussing on immersive language training and environmental issues. Because communication and understanding are key for the worlds future leaders, this program immerses students in three core areas of academia, culture, and the outdoors.


    Set on the waterfront of Australia's Sydney Harbor, students develop skills of: problem solving and independent thinking through leadership challenges and the Marine Environmental Capstone Project; outdoor appreciation and survival skills through harbor sports and a natural World Heritage site visit; and cultural understanding through the Indigenous Session and a Sydney historical tour. This is all complimented by regular English lessons with qualified English and ESL teachers. The program apexes with the Marine Environmental Capstone Project in which students work with Australian marine biologists to collect data and observe environmental shifts in Sydney's Chowder Bay rock pool ecosystems.



    Capstone Project
    The Marine Environmental Capstone Project is a scientist-led research portfolio using hands-on techniques to gather and analyze data collected on Sydney Harbor. Students will get a take-home report collating their work on the project.

    Leadership Challenges
    These activities challenge students to work together as a team, think critically, and get involved. In a society that focusses on competition and separation, these games draw students into engaging interactions and conversations.


    The University of Sydney

    Students visit Australia's first university, the iconic University of Sydney. They explore the main quadrangle, visit the famous jacaranda tree, the campus history museum, and enjoy lunch with a PhD professor.



    Blue Mountains Experience
    A World Heritage listed Wilderness area, the Blue Mountains offers breathtaking landscapes and quintessential Australian flora and fauna. Students visit the Three Sisters at Katoomba and hike one of the scenic trails.


    Rafting on the Harbor
    The students learn how to work together by paddling around Chowder bay, completing set courses and races. All students wear PFD's (Personal Floatation Devices) and all instructors are fully CPR / First Aid / AED qualified.


    The Amazing Race
    Student groups will race through a scavenger course throughout Sydney’s CBD, collecting points to win the major prize. This allows students to familiarize themselves with Sydney’s city center while applying basic navigation and map reading skills and learning about Sydney’s historical, cultural, social, political past and present.


    Spit to Manly Expedition
    Sydney Harbor is one of the most breathtaking harbors in the world. This expedition highlights how built and natural environments coexist, following its great foreshore through different landscapes - from beaches to bushland and urban areas, finishing at the famous Manly beach where students enjoy ice cream.


    3) CULTURE

    Indigenous Session
    Students interact with Indigenous Australian culture through this unique session with an Indigenous educator. They learn about bush medicine, Sydney Harbors local flora and fauna, artifacts that are still used today, and get a change to try some traditional food.


    Sites of Sydney
    This gives students an opportunity to see the famous sites of Sydney. Students walk the length of Harbor Bridge and explore the hidden complexity inside one of the famous pylons, get up close to the sails of Sydney's Opera House, and lunch around the world class Natural Botanic Gardens.


    Harbor Bridge Fireworks
    Students go to Bradley's Head which is one of the best locations to view the Harbor Bridge fireworks. Student's are accompanied by Chaperones and the site is family friendly and alcohol free.


    October / December 2019

  • two sessions to choose from!

    IN SHORT: The program combines outdoor sports, environmental enquiry, cross-cultural education, and allows students the opportunity to explore Sydney's iconic treasures.The program finishes with a Capstone Project with Sydney's Institute of Marine Science. The October session allows students to celebrate Halloween, and the December session gives students the opportunity to view Sydney's famous Harbor Bridge fireworks from one of the best views in the city. Click below for the full schedule and prices.



    1 to 4

    staff to student ratio guaranteed

    First Aid and CPR/AED

    certification for all staff

    5 languages

    multilingual staff on duty at all times

    One on one

    buddy and mentor systems


    Clean spacious cabins with supervision
    Each of the cabins holds 8-14 campers and at least two staff. The cabins are split between Male and Female campers. All cabins are equipped with a bathroom and shower inside, and a porch area. The cabins are cleaned daily.


    Delicious healthy meals (all dietary options available)

    For every meal, there are vegetarian, vegan and lactose intolerant options. The kitchen tries to accommodate all dietary requests, but please make sure to notify in advance. The camp is a peanut- and tree nut-free facility to address allergic reactions. All industrial camp kitchens are health and hygiene approved and regularly reviewed.



    Full safety certification for all staff

    All staff have their First Aid certification as well as CPR and AED training and lifeguard certification, guaranteeing that all students are in the safest hands at all times. All staff and mentors have updated criminal background checks.


    Fulltime supervision

    Students are supervised at all times, with a 4-1 student to staff ratio to ensure this.


    Buddy system

    Each Clay camper is paired with a local student buddy for the entire camp. The buddy system involves student pairs sticking together to navigate between activities.



    Assisted immersion

    Multilingual Clay chaperones and teachers assist Clay students throughout the entire camp, ensuring that students are supported to successfully engage in the immersive camp activities.


    Transit chaperones

    Chaperones accompany Clay students on their flights to and from the camp, managing travel logistics the entire way.