• The Capstone Project

    Each Clay Camp has one central theme that students focus on, apexing in a Capstone Project where students showcase their skills in this area. This is a college-level project led by a professor or company representative, where students finish with a take-home report for their portfolio.


    Leading up to this Capstone Project, each of the three camp components below focuses on this same central theme. This thematic structure means students access focused multi-disciplinary learning.

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    Immersion into an authentic overseas camps alongside local students


    Tours and Workshops

    Tailored university workshops and company tours suited to the central camp theme



    Visits to iconic sites exploring local culture and history


  • Clay camps use THREE FOCUS SKILLS to build programs around ONE CENTRAL THEME. This theme is taught through Capstone projects with leading universities and companies, full immersion camps with local English speaking students, as well as culture and university tours.


    This gives students an unparalleled overseas experience, returning with certification, an admissions-worthy portfolio, and an international network of teachers and students they can utilize, helping them become a more international citizen.

  • Environmental Research Capstone Project

  • Start-up Competition Capstone Project

  • Marine Environmental Capstone Project


  • We run programs in Seattle, USA; San Francisco, USA; Sydney, Australia.